FJBS Technology

Furnace Jet Boiler System


The combustion chamber of the power boiler is equipped with a set of jet-stream fans built in several planes inside the combustion chamber. The FJBS solution enables intensive mixing of flue gases in the furnace of the power boiler in the space above the upper combustion plane. As a result of the system's operation, the composition and temperature of the exhaust gases in the chamber is homogenised. In addition, FJBS allows the introduction of a chemical reagent as the driving medium used to remove nitrogen oxides from fumes while maintaining a high degree of burnout, thus improving the quality of combustion and reducing harmful emissions from professional, municipal and industrial power boilers.


Results obtained by the FJBS Furnace Jet Boiler System in the WR-25 boiler:


  • 50-60% NOx reduction

  • Ammonia slip below 3 ppm

  • Further development potential consisting in the possibility of matching the reagent injection to the temperature window and the possibility of using modified reagents